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A message from beyond the grave. [optipess]

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por Charles Schulz


por Charles Schulz


"Look at all my pretty Christmas trees!"

"Christmas trees?"

"Yeah, Christmas trees."

"Evolution, those are worms.”

"Shhhhhhhh! Don’t spoil the magic."


Village of Aldeia Maracanã Resists: Paramilitary’s Violent Evictions in Rio

At 7:00am this morning, the eviction began. Streets were locked down and several people were assaulted by police officers, including children and a pregnant woman.

Indigenous people have been using this building for decades, when they have to come to the city. It is usually used to stay over night when they have business to attend to or medical appointments in Rio.

Over the weekend, the old building, that is near the World Cup stadium, was used for the first meeting of the Independent Popular Front. During the event, indigenous people occupied the building annex then paramilitary units surrounded the site threatening to vacate both buildings.




Now I have lost control of my heart.
I know where lodges the heart in others.
In the breast - as everyone knows!
But with me
anatomy has gone mad :
nothing but heart
roaring everywhere.

— Vladimir Mayakovsky, from “Adults”

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Aí o telefone tocou. Deixei tocar. Nunca atendia ao telefone na parte da manhã. Tocou cinco vezes e parou. Eu estava sozinho comigo mesmo. E, por mais repugnante que fosse, era melhor que estar com alguém, qualquer um, todos lá fora fazendo seus pequenos truques e piruetas. Puxei as cobertas até o pescoço e esperei.
BUKOWSKI, Charles. Pulp. (via ovelhosafado)

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Calvin e Hobbes
por Bill Watterson



Oscar Wilde would be so good at Tumblr. 

I love Oscar Wilde so much

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